Behind the scenes!

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I've spent most of my sunday in photographer-mode, with all what that means. That side of me that spend most of the time crawling around on the ground, make weird face expressions (I tend to do that when I try to focus) and talking about things that literally no one else understands.

I had one of my favorite models, Hanna, infront of the camera today, we haven't had a proper photoshoot since the King of the Sea - theme in October. This time our goal were to catch magical pregnancy photos, because she's about to get a Mini-Hanna ♥

The hunt for great angles and locations is a never ending story and today both angles and location required a boat! Last time Hanna and I had a photoshoot, I walked around with water all the way up to my armpits for two hours, so I guess that this may count as an improvement. 

We had two themes today, one with Liten Olga (my horse) and one at the lake. 

Me, trying to find the best location:
"Houston, we have a problem!"
(We got stuck. Of course. But problems is ment to be solved!)
I have no proper explanation in what I'm actually doing in this picture. LOL.
And the rest of the 'behind the scenes': 
Now, how many of you are curious about the result!?
All the photos in this entry by Oskar Elbander


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