Self-education is great!

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Taking selfies with the big camera and self timer (compared to when I spend too many hours on snapchat in my livingroom), in a place with people passing by all the time is a rather special feeling. A slight feeling of awkwardness, in some way. I'm used to always be the one behind the camera. The spider in the web. I see everything. Control everything. I can see through the lense how the light falls on the model, if I've focused correctly and so on. It also gives me the power to fix everything that may be wrong, in the matter of seconds. Try a new angle, ask the model to move or turn a bit - anything that I may find during the milliseconds before I take the picture. And I can correct and change during too. A never ending story. Self timer, on the other hand, is all about pauses. 
I still have to find and control all the details with the self timer - and at the same time lose control of it. Because anything can happen during those 10 seconds as the camera prepares to take the pictures. Ten seconds is like eternity in my terms. 
But it's a fun thing to do. A great way to not only find my own angles, but also get a similar experience as my models get. I think that knowing how to control myself both infront of- and behind the camera will help me to easier help my models in their work. Never ending development! 


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