The ability to laugh

Publicerad 2016-04-12 08:46:00 i Life, Den Allsmäktige Lingonrenen

So I found this picture in my camera, from this sunday. I guess it's a "typical Vilja"-moment. Because I'm that kind of person that laugh out loud to anything and everything. I'm one of those people that laugh until I start to cry, and then I laugh some more because of the fact that I'm crying. 
For example, I've got three sheep. And when they run really fast or get a sudden mischievious feeling, they start to jump. Funniest thing ever, I can barely stand straight when they do that. I laugh at my own jokes too. All the time. Especially when no one else understand the joke and it all gets a little weird. Which happens a lot, because I, apparently, tell the worst jokes. Lol! 
Laughter is simply a marvelous thing!
Foto: Hanna Andersson


Postat av: Josefine

Publicerad 2016-04-12 09:49:48

Fin bild!

Svar: Tack!!

Postat av: Lili

Publicerad 2016-04-12 13:00:16

Vilken härlig bild! Och så fint det är att ha så nära till skratt.

Svar: Tack så mycket! Det är underbart! :)

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