The forgotten corner

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Yesterday I found a new corner in my apartment. I've lived here since 2012, lol. 

Well, obviously the corner has been there since ever. But I found the magic of it now.
Thanks to my new chair. I brought it home from my grandmother yesterday, and simply put it there while waiting for the perfect spot for it. It has been "the forgotten corner" during all my years here. In the beginning I had a corner-desk standing there, that I never used. I sold the desk a few weeks ago and since then all of my focus has been on that corner. I've decorated the walls with my favorite paintings and a beautiful clock, and when I got my loft built last summer I decided to put my couch there. 
However, yesterday I found the true magic about it. The light. Oh the light! It's soft and shimmering, no matter which part of the day it is, or if it's sunny or raining. Ah, it's so perfect that it give me chills. I can't understand how I've missed it before! Light is such a dear thing to me. It's something I notice when others don't. Something that make me feel joy.  
I guess The Forgotten Corner will be The Remembered from now on. Love ♥


Postat av: GoForFit

Publicerad 2016-04-16 08:28:32

Jättefin bild! :*

sv: Haha, tack! :D

Svar: Tack!! :)

Postat av: Anonym

Publicerad 2016-04-20 19:47:53

I love your tattoo 😍

Svar: Thank you!!

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