A new start

Publicerad 2016-04-10 05:04:00 i Life, Den Allsmäktige Lingonrenen

I'm thankful for the response on my previous entry. I'm glad to hear that you want to know more about my creative process, work behind the scenes and also more about me as a person. Therefore I've decided to try to update my blog with both things related to my work (travels, where and how I get inspiration, behind the camera etc.) and a little about my everyday life!
Most of my entries will be written in english, but I may post a swedish translation sometimes (if so you'll find the translation in the end of the post). No guarantees though. 
Most of you know about me from my facebook page, or maybe instagram. Places where I post my art - photography with little texts that can be described as tales or maybe poems. They're my fairytales, and an artwork of mine is never complete without its text. I may post some photos here, but I will keep my "complete fairytales" to my facebook and instagram. By the same cause as I'll keep my "everydays" here. To keep it clean and simple!
So who am I?
I'm a person with fire in my heart, big dreams and an never ending imagination. I love colors, shapes, material, light, secrets, life... Things that I can be creative with. Interior, clothing, tales, nature. You name it!
 But I'm just as ordinary as anyone else, really. This is just my big interest, my dream. Beside my artwork I have an ordinary job. With an ordinary salary. I live in an ordinary town, in a country where millions of other people live. I just happen to love magic, and I'm dedicated to find beauty in this world. We need it. All of us. 
It will be fun to see how this blog-thing turns out. Hopefully I'll keep it up!


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