Non-working workday (with Mickey Mouse)

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Today I'm having a workday when it comes to my photography. I haven't really had the time (nor motivation) to sit down with my computor and work, instead I've used my time to live, explore this new city, meet friends, watch movies and so on. Things that I really needed, to regain some energy and inspiration. Now when I've done that I'm going to take some time to plan my coming weeks a little, so I can get myself a proper balance between working and living. (Sounds easier than it is, I've basically been drinking coffee and procrastinating all day, but before this day is over I'm going to be done with everything I've planned, even though it may take a bit longer time than it should). 
I took a pause in my non-working workday and asked my sister to take some photos off me. I thought I would do something cool and spin around. It wasn't cool. I literally fell into the bushes. But it gave me some more energy, at least that's something!
Photo: Nadja Gyllensköld


Postat av: GoForFit

Publicerad 2016-08-04 15:18:26

Vilka härliga och livliga bilder! :D

sv: Tycker jag att du ska göra! Beroendeframkallande dock ;) Haha! Men ja, motion får man ju, hehe :D

Svar: Åh men tack! :D

Postat av: Lili

Publicerad 2016-08-04 22:09:09

Haha älskar hur du försökte vara cool och ramlade ner i buskarna istället. Sån sak som brukar hända mig med. Syns att ni hade kul i alla fall! :)

Svar: Haha!! Too cool for school :D

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