Someone special ♥

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Many years ago, when I first entered the school I graduated from a few years ago - my hall neighbour were this sweet girl and her amazing puppy. All through the years I've been very fond of this dog, Nanook. He came straight from a fairytale, and had the kindest of hearts. Last year in school, we both moved. And ended up neighbours once again. Years has passed by, but they have always been around. An amazing story, really, but I'm going to keep it to myself this time. Because this is about the dog, the gorgeous boy that has always had a place in my heart. He couldn't have had a better family, and I'm incredibly grateful to have been a part of his life. 
Nanook were special. One of a kind. Someone that stormed in and took my heart. All my love and thoughts goes to his family, sweeter people is hard to find. You made his life the best it could get. ♥
Far beneath the stars above, a universe beholds.
With love and joy, they rule their world and keep each other strong.
A new member of greatest kind, with a heart oh so sweet.
No pain and sorrow left behind, except aching heart of ours.
With all the love, I hope you're well, in this new world of yours.
In my heart, and in my mind - you'll always have your place.
Travel on, and sometime we might meet


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