Gothenburg Botanical Garden

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I spent most of my last week in Gothenburg  - a marvelous place to be. I've always enjoyed that city. My week were filled with small adventures in different directions. 
Most of my Thursday were spent walking from here to there through the city. I had some coffee with my friend Ida, escaped the crazy hail falls that suddenly decided to attack - and sat some hours in the City Library. (Oh how I adore books and libraries!). 

Friday morning me and Miina  went to Gothenburg Botanical Garden. I've actually never visited it before (shame on me! I've been in Gothenburg so many times!). A gorgeous place, and I'm sure it's even more magical in the summer when all the flowers and trees show their true beauty. I got a corset from Ida, so me and Miina decided to have a small photoshoot with it. And a pink tutu, of course. Princess all the way! A slightly weird feeling actually, because I've always seen myself as more of a troll than a princess. 
People were passing by all the time and wanted to talk and take pictures, which kind of amazes me because we all know that swedes don't even sit next to each other on the bus (lol). I'm not a very shy person though - the opposite! I love when people actually dare to talk to me and ask questions!
The weekend were spent at a Vikings market (!) but I'll talk about that later. Instead I'll show you one of the photos from our photoshoot:


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Åh, vilken fin och drömmig bild!

Svar: Åh men tack!

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