July 18th - the day everything will change

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This year, July 18th is extra special. It's not only my brothers 20th birthday (Happy birthday dear!), but it's also the day that I'm officially leaving this town. I'm going to pack my bags and move 500 kilometers south. First I will spend a month in Lund, and then a year in Svalöv. I may travel a lot, but the furthest I've ever moved is an hour away from the town I grew up in. 
I'm so incredibly excited, this is going to be the adventure of my life. At least so far (I mean, who knows what happens after?). 
Anyhow. July 18th. The last day in town. 


Postat av: Lili

Publicerad 2016-05-24 09:28:52

Måste bara säga att jag älskar din stil! Och som sagt, ska bli väldigt kul att följa denna resa. :)

Svar: Tack så jättemycket!! :)

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