A new place, a new world. New perspectives.

2016-09-01 17:11:32 Life, Den Allsmäktige Lingonrenen

It was a day in the middle of July. I were packing my bags, running back and forth, looking for things I didn't want to leave behind. The car stood outside, ready to roll away. To a new place, a new time. A new life. 
So I took my bags, and I left. 
And now I'm here. After weeks of silence, but a life full of noise. From a place were I had to put myself in a basket, to a place where I can dance under the moon and sing to the stars with a voice filled with power. 
I will be back, with grace. My days may be busy, but it is busy in a kind of way I enjoy. I am ready to explore a new world. My own world. 
Photo: Jesper Haataja